Ivan Williams

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Ivan Williams on 24 July 2015.

Ivan Williams was born and grew up in Staffordshire before settling with his family in the hills of Shropshire.

From a young age Ivan had a passion for art and design taking inspiration from the natural world as well as a fascination with all types of machinery, always asking the question ‘how does it work?’ and ‘how can I make it better?’

Ivan’s career has been long and varied from the design and manufacture of school furniture to creating beautifully crafted artwork in a vast array of mediums.

An Interview with Ivan Williams

His silver jewellery lived up to the title ‘Attitude Designs’, each item a small piece of sculpture.  Some of Ivan’s larger sculptures can be seen around the country, from a full-scale siege engine in Scotland and a large crossbow in Shrewsbury to bronze plaques around Hereford Cathedral and the ‘Darwin trail’ in Shrewsbury.

A regular on Scrapheap Challenge, Ivan has been involved in special effects for several television documentaries, and generally enjoys working on projects where he can ‘blow something up’

His expert knowledge of ancient and modern weaponry has lead him to be involved in the design of protection equipment for the police and military. As well as designing the ‘Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool’, endorsed by the legendary man himself.

Ivan has been an inspiration to many; he enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the creative processes and the skills he has acquired, and spent several years lecturing in art and design in a variety of establishments alongside working on his own projects.

Ivan has always had a passion for green energy, working on several projects to improve the production of crops in desert conditions. Ivan’s most recent project is the creation of  ‘The Sea Lever’, which is set to be one of the most important designs of our generation.

Ivan Williams one of the most exciting designers of our time.